Sunday, January 17, 2010


What is the only thing you can do when it's 95 degrees outside and few places have AC? Get to the water. I arrived in Córdoba, met a girl in my hostel (and another at the bus station), and we set out for the river.

Let me expand a little on the variety of people I have met so far on this trip...
Canadian girl - very nice
Beglium girl - nice
Swiss girl - very nice
American girl - (Californian) She asked me where the capital of Texas is and I told her Austin, duh. She said that she would have assumed it was San Antionio. Idiot. I decided I didn't like her. Later she pulled out a boiled egg for a snack. I definitely didn't like her. So far, she is the only American I have met and she did not make a very good impression.


  1. So glad you are meeting so many people to hang out with! You are doing a great job keeping up with the blog... better than you thought you would! Cali girl sounds like am idiot!! How do you NOT know the capital of Texas?
    Miss you!
    Gage says HI and he loves his Aunt Michelle!