Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don Elias Plantation

As I was in the coffee region of Colombia, I made a visit to a nearby plantation to see how the coffee there was grown. It was a completely organic farm run by a nice old man who showed us around and told us about all the steps of making coffee.

Here's Don Elias himself picking a few coffee seeds off the plants.
The seeds can be green or red, apparently they both taste the same. They were just growing all over the place.
What the actual coffee beans look like when they come out of the seed.
He had all kinds of other stuff growing on the farm, too. Here is an AMAZING orange that we got to taste...
...bananas freshly cut off the tree.
This room he used to dry out the seeds.
Roasting the beans.

Now we have some normal looking coffee!

Grinding the beans.
Ta da! Freshly made coffee for us to drink.

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